Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Using Cosmo (Chandlerserver) as a Git Server

I wanted my local Git to be updated to a server and came up across Git on Dreamhost. A nice link which talks on how Dreamhost with WebDAV can be used as a git remote repository. So any WebDAV server should work. I thought I will use Cosmo to host itself - A really cool idea! I have never used Cosmo for anything other than calendars or address book (which I worked on :) ) and had to dig the documentation to find the way to create a collection. I used Cadaver client to create the collection

# sudo port install cadaver

#cadaver http://osaf.us/cosmo/dav/vinu

dav:/cosmo/dav/vinu> ls
dav:/cosmo/dav/vinu> MKCOL git

In Mac OS X Tiger I used finder to connect to the server. I entered the URL as http://osaf.us/cosmo/dav/vinu/git - entered the username, password and it mounted :). But when I tried to put any file on this server it failed :(. After hanging out in IRC for some time I figured out Cosmo (Chandlerserver) does not implement locking yet and Mac OS X Finder expects the server to implement locking :(. I tried searching for a client like finder - but none of them had a way to put a complete folder into the collection.

I tried to copy the git repository using a Windows XP desktop I had - I created a web folder with the url http://osaf.us/cosmo/dav/vinu/git. I then copied my bare git repository from my Mac to Windows and from there to the webdav server (Cosmo). It partially failed with a message saying some files could not be copied :(

  • http://wiki.dreamhost.com/Git
  • https://osaf.us

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