Monday, December 15, 2014

Mastering Vim By Damian Conway

Being a fan of Vim, I had always tried to learn new tricks whenever I had time. Being able to enhance my skills to use the tool in a more efficient manner (Vim) was always a welcome bonus. Though the skill level to use vim would vary from person to person, the video covers a wide range of topics and I think would have something for everyone.  
The video starts with the help command and introduces how to use the help command in vim. This was informative, since you could learn once concept at a time by using vim help.    Then the video continues with the different features of vim ranging from search to visual block mode. It was interesting to learn about the different visual modes and how they differ. There were a wide range of concepts covered in the video and I would say the best way to learn them is do one video/feature at a time.

I did expect more of the advanced concepts of Vim like macros, etc - but that wasn't covered . Some of the concepts in the video was very interesting to learn like the undo time machine in Vim. I never knew Vim had such a complex but elegant undo mechanism.  I don't know if I will ever use the undo feature though.

Overall I was impressed by the video and still learned some concepts even though I use so much of vim everyday. The video describes the usage in a very articulate manner and it was easy to follow along. I am hoping to try to incorporate some of the concepts into my day to day activity and see how it helps. . 

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