Thursday, September 4, 2014

Programming JavaScript Applications by Eric Elliott; O'Reilly Media

I first heard about Eric Elliott from the Kickstarter page where there was a kickstarter project to raise money to teach a course on Javascript. I was very much expecting a lot from this book but I had to stop reading the book after a point when I realized this book was not for me.

The book started with some very basic information like how REST worked including details about HTTP protocol, best practices for programming with functions, etc which is probably useful for novice programmers and I found no use of it. I was hoping to find a more gradual introduction to advanced concepts of Javascript instead of the introduction in this book. I know the book referred to other books to get familiar with the more advanced topic of Javascript and may be my perspective would have been different if I had read those books. 

The code samples often jumped into concepts that was not spoken about, but eventually it got spoken about later. I had basic understanding of some of the advanced concepts of Javascript since I have used libraries like extJS, JQuery, etc. I was hoping this book would have helped me build my foundation to use the libraries better and to be a better javascript programmer, but I guess this was not the right book for that.

I would not recommend this book to anyone who has basic knowledge of Javascript and wants to just grasp the advanced concepts in an easy to understand way.  I would try to read this book again after I read some of the other books mentioned in the introduction and probably update my review.

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